And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.
  - Mark 16:15
Service to the world
The Ocala Church of God of Prophecy takes the words of our Lord in Mark 16:15 very seriously.

We are a mission minded church with special emphasis on the country of the Philippines.  In addition to receiving regular missions offerings, several of our members have spent time in the Philippines working to build churches and an orphanage.

Missionary Robert Murkerson explains the Santos Project to the congregation of the Ocala Church of God of Prophecy.  The Santos Project is a program by which individuals or families can sponsor a needy child in the Philippiines.   For a minimal monthly donation, you can provide food, clothing and shelter for children who would otherwise have to rummage thru the garbage dump to find something to eat.
2014 Mission Trip Photo Gallery
In 2014, Ocala Church of God of Prophecy members Ray Graham and Claudeth Henry were part of a mission trip to the Philippines headed up by missionaries Robert and Joyce Murkerson.
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  1. Claudeth (back row, right) with some of the children who were extremely grateful for the work done by the mission team.
  2. This was certainly no vacation. The mission team put in many hard hours working for the Lord.
  3. Claudeth hard at work helping to build the orphanage.
  4. Ray (back left) and Claudeth (third from right) pose with mission leaders Robert and Joyce Murkerson and some of the other mission team members.
Photo credit:  Claudeth Henry